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Just a great server for dating,gaming and anime discussing and playing mini games with bots

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Dont start shit fights in here or throw hurtful insults. Please dont go into anyones Dm's without permission or to start fights with them. If you have any problems with my server tell me in the #qυєѕтισиѕ channel. If its really important and you dont want others seeing your questions then you are able to text me but dont do so unless its needed or I give you permission. Dont spam. Dont invite any bots , if you want a bot in here then tell me and I will see if I want it in here or not. I will kick bots if I dont like them. If I have to keep calling you out to cut your shit out then I am going to kick your from the server. You may be invited back if I agree but if I have to boot you out again then it wont be a kick, it will be a ban from this server. I have a role named "Time out". This role is set up to make it to where you are unable to text in the server at all. This role will only be added if you are breaking any rules, spamming , being rude or etc ima put that role on you and it will last for an hour or more depending on how annoying you are being.